Sunday, December 18, 2011

How to Develop a Strong Musical Ear

Often when one hears about someone having a strong musical ear, this concept is that the person has a skill like perfect pitch can identify notes and from memory. Types of skills can help to have a musical ear quality, but there is much more than that.

Having a musical ear beyond identifying tone. This capability to the concept of music as you listen. The stronger the more one ear will be able to "see" music in their minds as it is being played.

How does a person actually gets to the point of conceptualizing music?

First of all, you need to be around music. Listening to various styles of music. Play at least one instrument if not more than one. You should begin to absorb the music if you want to learn it.

The second step to develop your musical ear is to learn the technical side of music. Music theory is sometimes not the most interesting thing to learn. Some argue it takes the spirit of the music, but it's not true. Even if you do not learn the technical names for everything, you still need to have at least a mental understanding of the concept. The reason is that you'll start to hear these concepts in the songs you hear and will immediately understand what the musicians are doing.

Third, develop your relative pitch skills. The relative field is the concept of understanding the relationships between records. For example, listen to the song but not sure what key the song is, but you can hear the notes of the scale. You understand the relationship between the notes in the song. This is a very important skill to have especially if you want to improvise.

Just take your time. Not be perfect today. Gradually you will increase the skills you work on them.